Hi everyone, my name is Nichol and welcome to the Blissfully Full Foodie blog! I wanted to start this blog to combine two of my passions: cooking and a healthy lifestyle! I have always had a love for fitness and staying active. I’ve participated in everything from competitive cheerleading to Olympic style weightlifting.   I absolutely love finding ways to create traditional foods with a healthy twist. Experimenting with ingredients has given me a way to create food that is not only healthy but tastes incredible too. Food doesn’t have to be boring and bland for it to be healthy, so follow along as I share my recipes and play hard in the kitchen and in the gym!

Always Blissfully Full,


Check out my list of sports and accomplishments:

High School:

  • 4 year HS cheerleader
  • 2004 USA HS National Champion
  • 4 year Olympic Style Weightlifting
  • 3rd Place – 2003 California State Championship Games
  • Softball
  • Track and Field Thrower


  • Fresno State Cheer Team – Game and Competition
  • 2005 USA College National Champion
  • Collegiate All-Star Cheerleader
  • 2006 USA All-Star College National Champion
  • All-Star Cheerleading coach from 2004-2011

Post College:

  • Fresno State Cheer Coach 2010-2011
  • CrossFit athlete since 2012
  • 2014 American Open Competitor (Olympic Style Weightlifting)
  • 2015 American Open Competitor
  • 2015 USPA National Qualifier (Power Lifting)


I would also like to reach out to you to help me get recipes you need, whether you are a low carber, vegan, no sugar or just trying to cut back a little. Please feel free to leave comments, ask questions or request a recipe.

I am also, by no means, a certified nutritionist, and do not claim to be. All of my post are strictly for your enjoyment.

***Special thank you to Chris E. and Juan L. for your help with getting my information in words. You are the best and all your support is greatly and forever appreciated!